Your Unconscious In Your Counselor’s Office


I am going to write for the next few sessions on your unconscious and how powerful it is in your life.  I am also writing about my unconscious and the unconscious of every other human soul.

The unconscious is the reservoir of all memories, all feelings, all experiences since we have been born.  I know, I know, it sounds overwhelming and not even a little bit fun.

As Carl Jung, psychologist in the earlier decades of our last century said, “The trouble with the unconscious is—it is unconscious.”  That is, not readily known to us, but oh, how influential and how rich in our lives.

Our unconscious makes itself known to us in dreams, meditation, moments of serenity, moments of creating music, graphic art, literature and poetry, and through hypnosis—self and other induced.  For most of us, our unconscious, powerful as it is in our lives, is completely unfamiliar to us.

Many, if not most folk, I am sure, deny the possibility of an unconscious—can’t see it, can’t feel it, must not be there.

Others acknowledge an unconscious, but are hardly on a “speaking aquaintance.” So, dreamers, artists of all kinds, serious meditators, and a modicum of therapists, make it a practice to be as aquainted as possible with our unconscious, in order to remain in charge, and in order to unleash its wealth.

Just writing this xcites me—I invite you to come along for more.  Next a couple of metaphors I use with students and clients to express the size, the rebelliousness and incalcitrance and the phenomenal power of our unknown unconscious in our lives.

About Diana Brenna

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as an Educator, and Speaker. I believe I have manifested a vital presence in Redondo Beach and the South Bay for over 20 years. My private practice includes Counseling individuals, families, couples, and Anger Management with groups, and individuals.
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