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Aha!  More research!  Anyone who reads this column knows I enjoy on genuine research results, and laughing at the research that comes up with what, basically, most of us know and/or intuit, without its having been researched—usually by federal government grants and monies.

A Los Angeles Times article 6 June—this year, reported on research and experiments done to “prevent” PTSD.

Yes, spoiler alert to PETA, mice bred to be experimented upon—actually “stressed”, were destroyed during this research.

Unlike the “grasshopper” and stress and eating disorder article I reported upon earlier, where I went into some detail re the grasshoppers’ treatment in the cause of helping humans, I will be brief is this article, and say only that the purpose of the research was two-fold, first to determine chemically if there is a means to give a sort of “morning after” med after severe trauma, and ii some folk are less resilient to any type of trauma and ergo more likely to claim PTSD.

Full disclosure:  I, personally, have always found claims of PTSD for what I, personally do not see as necessarily events which might ruin one’s life forever, as somewhat suspect.  For example, have you ever heard a word from U.S. Representative Tammy Duckworth, who lost both legs in Iraq due to an ied, she describes seeing one of her legs “vaporized”, and whose right arm was also badly wounded, talk about her PTSD?

However, evidently, thanks to the sacrificed mice, it is a truism that some folk genuinely are unable to accept trauma and move on.

And yes, it is possible to develop a “morning after” med to alleviate the tramautic effects of whatever event.  Just a sidebar, morphine works perfectly, as well.

Some of the researchers, however point out that the PTSD kicking in after a genuinely hideous experience—think the recent Boston Marathon, bombing, the Sandy Hook Elementary School—believe that the body’s natural response to egregious stress provides protection for all the organ, cells and cetera, and if the med were made to be prophylactic, or preventive, as opposed to post-trauma, folk would not be physically, ie fight or flight prepared for whatever atrocity might happen.

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