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To my mind, sadly, the trend toward the science/math axis in American education is growing, as emphasis on the arts, literature, humanities, even the social sciences is declining.

Of interest is that the opposite trends are happening, both in China and other nations.

Along with losing our moral compass to greed in the 1980’s, we made a poor decision to bow down to the altar of technology, which has led to the ever-changing social media, which might, by some thinking folk be running amok with greed.

The loss of attention to the humanities, where we all, each, and individually and as a lovely colony across the ages and the continents, have learned to think critically and analyze reality from fantasy.

Yes, I am speaking of Shakespeare and Chaucer, and Maughm and Conrad, and James and Le Carre, and yes, Robert B and T. Jefferson Parker.

I do not think it matters if you are looking at Monet’s haystacks, painted at umpteen times during any day over time to catch and express the light, or walk under the giant stone at LACMA these days to be touched emotionally and spiritually and intellectually.

Frank Gehry’s Disney Center, way old pyramids, medieval cathedrals.  Knowing about all of these, questioning, groping for answers is the training and education we need to make our way through this blooming century, where every day blasts us with violence, and may I say, evil, as folk from foreign—and local– lands and both Islam and Christianity preach hate with bombs and exclusion, ie churches dropping sponsorship of boy scout troops who accept gay boys.

Science and math and technology, no matter how awesome they are for our material world, are simply not wired to help us regain our moral compass and find ourselves again.


About Diana Brenna

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as an Educator, and Speaker. I believe I have manifested a vital presence in Redondo Beach and the South Bay for over 20 years. My private practice includes Counseling individuals, families, couples, and Anger Management with groups, and individuals.
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