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About Counseling

I am still surprised that in this 21st century many people still think therapy is for the mentally ill–not so.  Sometimes life presents us with overwhelming challenges that we feel inadequate to master.  There are some things that friends and family–supportive though they may be–aren’t equipped to help us overcome.    We need a professional therapist to help us regain our confidence and to support us on the path to healing.  Seeing a therapist for counseling can make all the difference.

How I Counsel

I work quickly, yet in depth.   I am very active during counseling sessions.  I do believe in briefly delving into your past in order to help you see patterns that are not working in your life. I believe in teaching clients tools to transform negative behaviors into positive ones.

My Experience and Attitude Toward Clients

I have a deep compassion for my clients that comes from 20 plus years of working with clients as a psychotherapist,  making my own human mistakes in life, and having examined my own issues in therapy.   I know what it is like to sit on the other side of the couch.    Deciding to face your problems takes courage, the willingness to be honest, and the desire to change.  I respect that.

I hope that life does not hand you more than your share of troubles, but if you do feel overwhelmed, I would be honored to help you get back on your feet again.

I am located in the South Bay community of Redondo Beach convenient to Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, and Manhattan Beach.

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Diana Brennan