Anger Management

  • I offer Anger Management Counseling for individuals, couples, and families
  • Court–Ordered cases are always welcome
  • I am on the preferred list of Anger Management Counselors for the South Bay

Road Rage!  Desk Rage!  Air Rage!  Going Postal!  We hear and see it all too often.  We live in a very angry time.  And anger can explode into unspeakable violence.

Anger can be a righteous indignation over social and personal injustice.  Domestic Violence!  Child Abuse!  Emotional Abuse!  There is so much that we can experience in life that is unjust, or deeply painful.  How you handle your feelings is important.

Anger is a natural, human feeling.  It can be helpful.  It can motivate you to do good.  It can help you take needed action.  Or it can cause you to lose jobs, destroy relationships, and even land you in court.

Anger is not the problem.  How anger is expressed can be the problem, and it can be the solution.

Located in Redondo Beach, I have been a  certified Anger Management Specialist since 2002–my training was from the gold standard of Anger Management Training, Anderson and Anderson.

I am a Diplomate of the American Association of Anger Management Providers, and I am on the Los Angeles Superior Court’s preferred list.

Most of my clients, whether self- or court-referred, are amazed that once they grasp the source of their feelings, they can learn the tools and techniques to master anger.

Anger  management is possible.  Commit today to make the changes that count.

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Diana Brennan