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More suggestions from Chiara Fucarino’s website on happy folk that a client has passed on to me.  Ms. Fucarino wrote about twenty-two ways happy folk do and think things differently.  In my first column on this topic I concurred that indeed, happy folk choose to think, feel, act and respond in particular ways that continue their happiness.  Also, I shared that while I was familiar with some of her suggestions, some were new to me, such as # six.

6.  Have lofty goals–when we keep positive goals in our hearts and minds, we are more focused and determined toward achieving those goals.

7.  Listen—oh, my, well, listening is what I get paid for in my profession as a therapist, and I believe I am an excellent listener.  Sorry to say I am way aware, however, whether in social situations or business transactions, that folk simply do not listen, which might lead the non-listened-to person to feel emotionally wounded and abandoned, or quite impatient that $$$ is being wasted.  I, of course, care, especially about those very young children sharing, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,” and mommy does not answer, because she is texting.

8.  Accept what you cannot control—yes, any of you who might have read what I have written before, will recognize that even having expectations about other folk can lead to huge disappointment, and frequently following, feelings of grief and sorrow and abandonment, almost immediately covered by anger, resentment, and even rage.  What can any of us control?  Our response to anything that happens to us.

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