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Evidently, even Dr. Travis Stork, a co-host of a program called The Doctors—I do not have a television, but I assume this is so—says the best prophylaxis against disease and hope for good health is to move more.

This is not news—the research came out at least five to ten years ago, it is just one of those sort of difficult new good habits to establish, while letting go of some pretty bad habits.

The irony of many suggestions to move more and eat less—direct quote from Jamie Lee Curtis—not to mention scientists, New York’s mayor Bloomberg, and best-selling author Dr. Dean Ornish, is that the practice does actually extend lives by preventing:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Colon cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Depression

Good heavens, what does one need to stop sitting and start moving?

More and more companies are hoping to keep employees healthier by arranging computers on treadmills or at least up where one needs to stand to use, as well as taking meetings where everyone stands.  As well as offering benefits for healthier, more normal weight employees.

A mere two and one half hours per week of walking will accomplish better health.  And don’t forget using stairs instead of elevators and parking far from the entrance of your grocery store and cetera.

I hope you noticed that the bullet list above included depression, along with cancer and heart disease.

Please walk for mindbody wellbeing.

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