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A client gave me a hard copy of a blog, Positive Way, by Chiara Fucarino, about twenty-two ways happy folk do things differently.

Some of the ideas are familiar, but good ideas can always be learned again, and some of the ideas Ms. Fucarino suggested are new to me.

  1.  Be in the present—remember, anxiety and depression are found in the future and the past, so staying in the now lets you enjoy your life as you are living it.
  2. Go to gratitude—I have a neighbor, who, incredibly, is actually older than I am, and whenever we chat, and I might veer off into—heaven forfend, a complaint, he reminds me to go to gratitude, and I am always so grateful when he does—seems to change my whole brain chemistry.
  3. Meditate—well, you’ve heard me go on and on about the power of whatever mode(s) of meditation work(s) best for you.  the discipline of a regular meditative practice enables us to take charge or “the crazies” of anger, worry, or the blue funk before they ruin your day or even get you into some trouble.
  4. Be honest—gosh, Shakespeare warned against the tangled webs of deception, as in how easy it is to become confused about which lie is told when, and what the lie actually is; the Hebrew Bible admonishes about bearing false witness; hallmarks of the twelve-step programs are honesty and humility; oh, and Shakespeare again, “to thine own self be true”, perhaps the most challenging idea of honesty of all.
  5. Be kind—don’t you just get a little jolt of happiness when a smile or compliment of yours to someone else is returned by a big grin and a thank you?  I have no idea what “pay it forward” means, but it seems as if it might fit spreading a little sunshine around.

More to come.

For the original, go to positiveway.me


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