And Yet More Of Our Unconscious In Our Counselor’s Office


One of the excellent qualities of the unconscious that most clients enjoy hearing, is that the unconscious is a workhorse—meaning that the conscious work the client does is vastly helped along by the unconscious.

Both therapists and clients speak of working in therapy, which can be off-putting about the whole therapeutic process.

Yet the work of both client and therapist is to listen.  While some therapists seem to be trained in listening, by far not all are.  When choosing a therapist, be sure he or she listens to you.

The client also works by sharing as much as possible with the therapist.  Whatever is happening currently with the client, ie the reason they probably came to therapy, as well as difficult to share, painful, humiliating experiences from the past, need to be expressed and expressed as honestly and fully as the client is able, of course with the therapist’s help.

Once again, the therapist is a professional and trained listener.  However, he or she also has expertise and in some cases, even wisdom to share with clients.  Frequently, this feedback is called mirroring, meaning that the therapist gives back to the client, with additional and new insight and wisdom—ideally—what the client has—frequently with great courage—shared with the therapist.

Always, whenever I mirror to a client, and many many other times during a session, I know fully I am speaking not only to the client’s conscious mind, but more importantly, to his or her unconscious.

And it is thus, that the unconscious, working subliminally, partners with the conscious work the client endeavors to accomplish, and genuinely helps decrease the entire therapeutic work.


About Diana Brenna

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as an Educator, and Speaker. I believe I have manifested a vital presence in Redondo Beach and the South Bay for over 20 years. My private practice includes Counseling individuals, families, couples, and Anger Management with groups, and individuals.
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