And Yet More Happy People


Please see the two previous articles for the source of stuff on happy folk that a client passed on to me.

9.  Eat nutritiously—which means first, never step foot into a fast food restaurant to “dine” in or take out.  The food is bad for you, containing more fat and sodium and calories than you need in days.  Include Chili’s, Cheesecake and Mac Grill in your list of no-go-to places,  I encourage you to eat out on a strictly limited basis, as every place that offers food also offers way too much fat and sodium—hello, fat and sodium are what taste good.  Cooking at home—including lunches for a brown bag is not only way cheaper, but way healthier, as you choose the good ingredients and cooking methods.  I promise, if you do nothing else, you will lose weight and never feel deprived—oh, that’s right, as long as you don’t end your evenings with a quart of ice cream or sack of chips as you sit before your TV.

10.  Exercise every day—to get fit, and to stay fit, move for an hour a day.  Run, swim, walk your 10,000 steps a day, bike, and for goodness sake, lift weights.  Other sources talk of gardening and dancing and probably wandering through a mall as exercise, and encourage folk to strive for twenty minutes a few times a week.  I know my suggestions are appropriate and results of these exercises every day for an hour bring great results for health and posture.

11.  See all those roadblocks in your life as opportunities to learn something new about yourself and to accomplish something that really ought to be taken care of.  Once again, a choice to be happy.

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